New uses for old christmas cards

I have always used Christmas cards to make gift tags for the following year, but the pickings get slimmer each year New uses for old christmas cards more and more people send photo cards. The wreath and bunting are beautiful. I also really like the ideas shared in the comments about using the photo cards as a basis for prayers for those families in the new year.

This guide is about using old Christmas cards. You can collect quite a few of these cards that can be reused in a variety of fun ways. Card Gift Boxes – Make gift boxes from old holiday and Christmas cards that can be used to package small trinkets like jewelry and ties!

Reply 5 Ways to Repurpose Holiday Cards - CardsDirect Blog says: What can you make out of an old greeting card? It can be a Christmas card, a birthday card, or any other card.

Your project can use one or more cards. How can the answer be improved? Jan 24, 2017. Use old greeting cards to make cute covered clothespins!.

DIY Puppets – This is another five minute craft that transforms Christmas cards into. 18 Surprising Ways to Reuse Greeting Cards. tweet email. By:. use an old Christmas card to decorate the top of the jar. New to Care2? Start Here. Dec 7, 2011. How to Reuse& Recycle Old Christmas Cards. Cut to the size of an index card and write your favorite new Holiday recipe on the back. 16. Jun 05, 2006 · Use a card that's suitable for the occasion, such as a Christmas card for a Christmas gift pouch.

Decorate the gift pouch with rhinestones, glitter glue, and other scrapbooking embellishments. Find and save ideas about Recycled christmas cards on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Christmas card decorations, Old christmas and Christmas card crafts.

Are you like me? Do you hold on to every last Christmas card? They are so pretty, I just can't throw them away! I usually cut the fronts of the pretty ones off Cut various house shapes out of similarly colored Christmas cards (we used a. Holiday greetings gain new life when you turn old Christmas cards into 3-D. Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards St. Jude's Ranch for Children (home for abused and neglected youths) has a card reuse program. The kids cut off the front covers and use them to make new cards that are sold to earn money.

I use old Christmas cards as Christmas postcards. As long as there are no personal notes written on the inside on the left they are perfect to reuse and all you have to do is remove the right hand side. Christmas cards are a beautiful way to share news and the joy of the season. Once the season ends, you don't have to throw the cards away. Donate the cards, or any card, to a worthy charity that recycles the cards and re-sells them to raise funds for their work. St. Jude's Ranch accepts used card.

Dec 8, 2016. Don't just dump those Christmas cards in the trash when the season is over—find a new use by recycling them into one of these winter holiday. Recycling Christmas Cards.

And of course you can always paste New uses for old christmas cards front of your old card to new cardstock. Or at least donate them to St. Jude's. Where To Donate Used Christmas Cards& Greeting Cards Don't let those old cards sit around and become clutter. Find out where to donate used Christmas cards and greeting cards to worthwhile charities or other places in your community. Try these used Christmas card ideas for some unusual projects for kids and adults. You can make Christmas decorations, Christmas stationery and cards, new cards from old ones, tags, and many more fun things with your old holiday cards.

Recycled Christmas Card Crafts Choose a slide With simple household items, you can transform the holiday cards of the past into Christmas decorations of the present and create your family's own little recycling center in the process.

How to Put Old Greeting Cards to Use. If you find it difficult to throw away old greeting cards, consider recycling them into something new. From coasters to notebooks, there are all sorts of cool and interesting things that you can make. Find and save ideas about Old greeting cards on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Greeting card box, Christmas present boxes with lids and Christmas gift boxes with lids. Stop! Don't throw away those old Christmas or birthday cards. Consider one of these keepsake-worthy crafts dreamed up by some of our favorite DIY bloggers. This simple grouping uses classic. St Judes, in case our readers don't know, normally take old cards and reuse them to produce new cards, sales of which go to help pay for the welfare and education of 'at-risk' kids.

But as Cindi. New Uses for Christmas Things John Lawton. Place the cards facedown on a color copy machine (they should cover most of the glass). New Uses for Old Things. Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards St. Jude's Ranch for Children (home for abused and neglected youths) has a card reuse program. The kids cut off the front covers and use them to make new cards that are sold to earn money.

Tutorial# 10 Recycled Greeting Cards What we will be making: In this tutorial, learn how to make new greeting cards by recycling old cards. This tutorial features a variety of techniques making it easy to create a card that you'll be proud to send. What To Do With Used Christmas Cards: Declutter, Upcycle, Donate?. love to use old Christmas cards for paper crafts because of the pretty pictures many of them. New Uses for Old Things: Christmas Decorations. Francesco Lagnese. Next, put a piece of colored fabric or paper on top of the cards to serve as a border.

Print. Ten fun ways to upcycle, repurpose, and give new life to the. You can fold old holiday cards. I’ve burned a lot of Christmas cd’s. I used old cards. Kids are paid to make new cards from the front of your old cards, so it’s green and it’s giving. A bit of information from their website.

They take all types of greeting cards, including christmas but prefer 5x7 or smaller. Reuse greetings cards. Hello! I am new to this site. thanks goes to the press for the coverage! 🙂. As a youth leader i use my old christmas cards to make.